12/13/12 - Engine 6-2, Tanker 6, Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A responded to assist Co. 1(Gettysburg) with a turkey barn on fire in Russell Tavern Rd.  Tanker 6 arrived first and dropped its porta-pond and started the tanker shuttle.  Engine 6-2 arrived the same time as Engine 1-2, picked up the porta-pond to supply Engine 1-2 and sent its crew up to assist with fire attack.  Lt 6(Day) was assigned as the staging officer.  Initial suppression efforts were directed towards protecting 2 propane tanks next to the barn, and later crews assisted with salvage and overhaul.

(Photos by Jr. FF Biesecker)

More photos available at 911 Photography





11/19/12 - Co.6 responded to the intersection of Heidlersburg Rd and Old Carlisle Rd for a vehicle accident with unknown injuries.  Asst. Chief 25 (Crouse) arrived on the scene and did an initial size-up, finding a 2 vehicle accident with 1 driver still in the vehicle blocking the intersection.  Rescue 6 arrived and assisted with patient care/extrication and hazard control, with Engine 7-1 handling the landing zone at the scene.  1 other patient was taken to the hospital by ground.

Units on the call:
Engines 6-2, 7-1

Rescue 6
6A, 6A-1, Medic 28

LifeLion 3(Carlisle)

Traffic 1, other Fire Police



11/5/12 - Rescue 6 was alerted to respond to Victory Church Rd in South Middleton Twp, Cumberland County on the 2nd alarm assignment for a house fire.  Rescue 6 and Engine 7-1 were given the RIT assignment, and the rescue crew set up RIT and stood by until released by Command 2.

(Photos by Jr FF S. Biesecker) 




10/29/12 - Hurricane Sandy began affecting the area on Sunday night, and resulted in numerous calls for Co. 6, including box alarms, flooded basements, and trees down.  Co. 6 also sent Service 6 and the 1993 rescue (AKA Rescue 6-1) to Arendtsville boro to assist Co. 5 with pumping basements and supplying power to residents.


0835 hrs: Co. 6 was dispatched on the first alarm for a fire at 145 Pine Grove Rd in box 7-2.  Rescue 6 and Tanker 6 responded, and were placed in service after Engine 7-2 arrived and found a DVD player that had been on fire in the residence, but was now out and placed units in service.


1848 hrs: Med Assist was dispatched to assist 6A with lifting for a CVA patient

1904 hrs: Tree into a house at 2355 Table Rock Rd

1908 hrs: Structure fire at 59 Ditzler Ave in Biglerville Boro.  Units arrived to find a chimney fire and held the box to Engine 6-2 and Tower 5.

2035 hrs: 6A and Co. 6 Med Assist were dispatched for chest pains in box 6-1

2044 hrs: Structure fire at 785 Company Farm Rd in box 25-1.  Co. 25 arrived on scene and found nothing, and placed the box in service

2056 hrs: Transformer fire in the 2400 block Table Rock Rd



1119 hrs: Outside investigation, 18 Musselman Ave, Biglerville Boro.  Found wires that had been pulled from a residence by a tree falling.





10/26/12 -The tones dropped at 1605 for a house fire at 712 Miltonberger Rd in box 27-5, bringing Tanker 6 on the initial assignment.  Engine 6-2 was then dispatched at 1621 to establish a fill site in the 800 block of Mountain Rd at the pond.  Tanker 6 arrived on scene and staged, and Engine 6-2 established the fill site, dropping 500 ft of LDH.  E6-2 filled E4-1, and staged ready to fill for the rest of the incident before being placed in service.


Video Here




10/22/12 -Tanker 6 responded on the first alarm for a commercial structure fire at Hillandale Farms in box 25-3.  Co. 25 arrived on scene and found a fire in the wall, and Tanker 6 returned to service after staging on the scene.



10/6/12 -The pre-alert sounded at 0200 hrs for smoke in the structure at the Day's Inn on York Rd in box 1-8-30.  Co. 1 arrived on scene and found a light smoke condition in a mechanical room, but the hotel management had silenced the fire alarm and refused to evacuate the structure.  Rescue 6 responded with a full crew, and staged on side A with Engine 1-2 before the box was downgraded to Co. 1.



9/29/12 -The tones dropped for a vehicle fire at 1800 Table Rock Rd in box 6-1.  Engine 6-2 responded with 3, and arrived to find a Ford Ranger well off, and pulled the trash line to extinguish the fire.  Tanker 6 and ambulance 6A responded as well.



9/23/12 -Engine 6-2 responded to Gettysburg Boro as part of the Working Fire Dispatch at 103 Hanover St for a structure fire.  Upon arrival, the engine crew went to staging, with Lt 6(Day) assigned to take the crew from Rescue 20 and overhaul on the 2nd floor and attic.  Captain 6(Freed) and the rest of the engine crew were then assigned to assist on the 2nd floor with overhaul. 

Video Here

More photos of this incident are available at 911 Photography




9/16/12 -Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 were dispatched as part of the first alarm at 2440 Old Harrisburg Rd in box 1-7.  Tanker 6 arrived and was directed to stage, while the engine crew reported to Chief 1 (Baldwin) and were directed to standby at Engine 1-1 to deploy a line if needed.  Rescue 6 responded off the box with 5, and staged on the road until Command 1 held the box to Co. 1 units.


The Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. held its annual Fall Fest September 13-15.  We would like to thank all of you who came out to support us this year, we could not continue to operate and provide the services we do wihtout your support!  Our entertainment  this year was provided by Chris Woodward, Laredo, and The Cruisers; also a big thank you goes out to the York Springs Fire Co., South Mountain Fire Co, Liberty Fire Co (East Berlin), Fairfield Fire & EMS, and Pleasant Hall Fire Co for providing our transfers this year!  Thanks again to everybody for your support, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

More pictures here



9/8/12 -The pre-alert dropped at 1157 for a house fire at 445 Schoolhouse Rd in box 25-7.  Chief 6(Smith) arrived on the scene and reported smoke showing, and the Working Fire Dispatch was struck.  Tanker 6 assisted in the water shuttle, hauling several loads of water; Engine 6-2 dropped its crew at the structure and then proceeded to set up a fill site at a nearby pond, with Rescue 6 and 6A beaching in the yard on side D of the structure.  2 firefighters sustained minor burns on this fire, and 6A treated and released those, as well as setting up rehab with assistance from 6A-1.  Special thanks to Co. 2 (Fairfield Fire & EMS) for the engine and ambulance transfers whle we operated on this incident!

More photos of this incident are available at 911 Photography




9/5/12 -Co. 6 was dispatched at 2201 for an MVA at 403 Arendtsville Rd.  6A responded first, finding 2 vehicles head-on, but no injuries.  Rescue 6 and Engine 6-2 both responded, and checked the vehicles for hazards before placing the box in service and handing the incident over to PSP.  It turns out that this incident had been called in previously as a property damage incident, but then a passerby called it in, resulting in the emergency response.


Video Here



8/30/12 -Co. 6 medical assist was dispatched to assist the Adams County Coroner.  Engine 6-2, Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A responded with a total of 12 personnel, as well as Chief 6 (Smith) to the scene.



8/24/12 -At 1147, the assignment was dispatched for a vehicle accident with a vehicle into a house at 889 Cranberry Rd in box 25-10, bringing ambulance 7A on the initial assignment.  FP 6-6 was in the area, and arrived on the scene first, reporting that the vehicle was on fire and the fire was spreading to the structure, and County dispatched the structure assignment.  Lt 6(Day) responded to fill the ambulance crew, and arrived on the scene confirming this report.  Ambulance 9A arrived and took both patients from the MVA, freeing up 7A to remain on the fireground.  Engine 9-2 was first in, pulling an attack line and going interior.  7A's crew then pulled the second attack line, forced entry on side B and took the line to the second floor and attic, conducting a primary search along the way.  After the bulk of the fire was extinguished, more units began to arrive and overhaul was conducted.  Tanker 6 and Rescue 6 both responded, with Tanker 6 supplying Engine 7-1, and Rescue 6 assisting with overhaul. 


Video Here




8/17/12 -The tones dropped at 1148 for an MVA at 28 Main St in Arendtsville Boro, bringing Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A.  The rescue arrived and assisted with fluid control and EMS, before being placed in service.


Video Here



8/16/12 -Engine 6-2 responded to assist on the structure fire at 6810 Old Harrisburg Rd in box 9-7.  Upon arrival, the engine established a fill site at Wolfe's Bus Lines, but was then pulled to the scene to assist with overhaul.

Photos of this incident are available at 911 Photography


8/13/12 -The tones dropped at 1734 for an MVA at 2 N Main St in Biglerville Boro.  Co. 6 units arrived to find a rear-end collision, with 2 patients complaining of injuries.  6A transported both patients, and the box was placed in service within 20 minutes


8/5/12 -Co. 6 was dispatched to 242 E York St for a CO Alarm sounding.  Rescue 6 and the Lt (Day) responded with 4, and advised County to have 6A stage in quarters.  Rescue 6 arrived and the crew checked the house with the 4 gas meter, found nothing and the box was placed in service.


7/21/12 -Rescue 6 made the short trip to Jane's Market for a quick photo op with one of Dale Jr's show cars!



Tanker 6 will be out of service for an extended time to undergo repairs related to the Mt Valley lumber yard fire.  During this time, Co. 29 (SAVES) has loaned us Tanker 29 to run as Tanker 6.  Thank you Co. 29 for helping us out!



7/7/12 -EEngine 6-2 responded with Captain 6(Freed) and a crew of 6 as part of the first alarm assignment for a house fire with possible entrapment on Old Harrisburg Rd near the intersection with Shealer Rd.  As units responded, Adams advised that now all of the occupants were out of the house.  Engine 6-2 arrived and assisted with ventilation and helping Co. 1 load hose, and returned to service.

At 1802 hours, ambulance 6A, Medic 28 and Co. 5 (Arendtsville) medical assist were dispatched to 677 Upper Temple Rd, at Upper Temple, for heat exposure.  A few minutes later, 6A1 and a second medic from 28 were dispatched to the same location for syncope.  As 6A1 went responding, Special Unit 5 requested a 3rd BLS unit for another patient, bringing 7A.  Special Unit 5 reported that there was a wedding at this location, and with temps in the 100's, many people were experiencing heat related symptoms.  6A began triaging possible patients until the arrival of more units.  2 patients were transported for evaluation, and the scene was>




7/2/12 -At 2115 hours, the tones dropped for a vehicle accident at 692 Carlisle Rd.  Units arrived to find 1 vehicle that had struck a utility pole and overturned.  One subject was taken by PSP from the scene, and units returned to service.




6/27/12 -Approximately 30 minutes after the rescue returned from Gettysburg, the pre-alert dropped for box 1-4 for the garage fire at 35 Belmont Rd, bringing Tanker 6 on the initial assignment.  A short time later, Engine 6-2 was dispatched to establish a fill site.  The engine responded with the Lt (Day) and 6, and established the fill site at the hydrant in front of the Appalachian Brewing Company on Rt 30.  Tanker 6 hauled 1 load of water, and the engine filled Tanker 6 and Tanker 4(Cashtown) before being placed in service.




6/27/12 -The toolbox and a crew of 6 ventured to Gettysburg to standby with Engine 23-2 (Greenmount) and Truck 1(Gettysburg) during Co. 1's carnival.  No calls were answered, and the crew enjoyed great food and hospitality from Co. 1.




6/12/12 -The box alarm was hit at 1837 for box 1-6, for the motel at 1980 Biglerville Rd, bringing Co. 1, Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6.  Tanker 6 arrived shortly after Engine 1-2, and Engine 6-2 was placed in service after going responding.  Units found a microwave with an electrical problem.



6/8/12 -Co. 7 was dispatched around 0900 hours for an automatic fire alarm at Mott's.  Right after this dispatch, ambulance 7A and Medic 28 were dispatched to Mott's for an electrocution.  Engine 7-2 responded and found that a contractor was working on an electrical box when a flash fire occurred, injuring him.  At the 5 minute mark, 7A did not have a crew, so 6A was dispatched to replace it, and Deputy 7(Melhorn) requested Rescue 6.  The rescue was cancelled before responding, and 6A handled patient care with assistance from Co. 7 until the arrival of Medic 28, when the decision was made to fly the patient to a burn center.  Engine 7-2 handled the LZ at Co. 7, and LifeLion transported the patient from there.




6/7/12 -Co.6 was dispatched for engine, tanker and ambulance for a vehicle fire on Center Mills Rd.  With units enroute, Captain 6(Freed) went on the scene reporting a working engine compartment fire.  A few minutes later, he advised the fire had now spread to the cab and the cab was now fully involved.  Engine 6-2 arrived, pulled the foam line and began extinguishing the fire.  Tanker 6 arrived shortly after that and hooked into the engine to supply as needed.  Rescue 6 also responded, and staged on the scene before being placed in service.  After the fire was extinguished and mop-up complete, the handline was repacked and Co. 6 units returned to service.

First 2 photos by Captain 6



6/2/12 -In the early evening hours, Co. 1(Gettysburg) was dispatched to the 800 block of Table Rock Rd for a vehicle accident with entrapment, bringing ambulance 6A on the initial assignment.  A short while later, Command 1 requested Rescue 6 to assist, and right after that requested Engine 6-2 for the landing zone.  Rescue 6 responded with the Lt(Day) and 5, and the engine responded with the Deputy(Bowmaster) on board.  Upon arrival, Rescue 6 was assigned to assist Co. 1 with recovery operations, and Engine 6-2 handled the LZ for STAT and LifeLion.  Rescue 6 assisted with lighting and extrication of the deceased occupants of the car.  Once this was complete and the equipment was packed up, Rescue 6 returned to service.  Our sincere condolances go out to the families of the individuals involved in this unfortunate incident.




5/29/12 -The pre-alert was sounded at 1858 for flames coming from the roof at the Biglerville Boro Office, which also houses the boro Police Department.  Engine 6-2 responded with 6 and arrived to find flames and smoke in the B/C corner of the attic area and assumed fire attack.  Rescue 6 and Tanker 6 responded shortly after the engine, and Deputy 6(Bowmaster) assumed Command.  Truck 1 set up on the B/C corner and threw the stick to the roof, and Tower 5 set up on the A/D corner.  Once interior units made access to the attic, a heavy smoke condition was found, with little fire visible.  Once the fire was knocked down, overhaul and salvage operations began, and Command held Co. 6, Truck 1, Engine 25-2 and EMS and placed the remainder of the box in service.  The cause appears at this time to be a possible lightning strike.  Thanks to Engine 1-2(Gettysburg) for the engine transfer!

Units on the box:

Engines: 6-2, 7-1, 7-2, 5-1

Truck 1, Tower 5

Rescue 6, R33(RIT)

Tanker 6

6A, 1A

Transfers: E1-2 to Co. 6, E27 to Co. 7


For photos of this incident, visit 911 Photography


5/27/12 -After a period of heavy rains, Co. 25 and 6 were dispatched to the intersection of Benders Church Rd and Stone Jug Rd in box 25-7 for a water rescue.  Units arrived to find a group of people trapped in place by rising water, and assisted them to safety.



5/14/12 -The vehicle accident assignment was dispatched at 0903 hours at the 1100 blk of Goldenville Rd.  Engine 6-2 and 6A responded and found a vehicle into a tree on its side with confinement.  The engine crew cut the windshield and the patient self-extricated, and was evaluated by EMS.




5/5/12 -Co. 6 was dispatched at 1553 hours for a vehicle accident at the intersection of Biglerville Rd and Goldenville Rd in box 6-1.  Co. 6 units arrived to find a t-bone accident with 4 patients, and requested additional EMS units, and then controlled hazards on the vehicles before going in service.



4/20/12 -Co. 6 was dispatched at 1719 hours as part of the assignment for a gas leak in a structure on Company Farm Rd in box 25-1.  Engine 6-2, Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A responded, and once on the scene, the engine crew assisted with shutting off the gas to the house and metering the building, 6A staged and the rescue was placed in service.




4/20/12 -AT 0132 hours, the pre-alert sounded for special box 5-13 for a vehicle fire next to a building at Mt Valley Lumber on Nawakwa Rd.  Tanker 6 responded immediately with the Captain (Freed) and Lt(Day).  With units enroute, FF MacBeth checked up on the air reporting a fully involved pettibone impinging on multiple truck trailers and the building.  Engine 5-1, Tanker 6 and Engine 7-2 arrived almost simultaneously, and found the fire extended into the building and truck trailers.  E5-1 and T6 took the driveway and initiated fire attack, with Engine 7-2 stopping at the beginning of the driveway to attack the fire from there.  As the fire spread, units on scene ran out of water, and the flames became so intense that E5-1 and T6 had to be moved; however, because of the geography of the location, the units could not be moved quite far enough away, and both sustained heat damage, melting lights and even causing ripples in the body of the tanker.  Engine 7-2 also sustained a cracked windshield due to the high heat.  E5-1's crew had to abandon fire attack and use the water they had to keep their unit cooled down.  As other units arrived, water supply was set up, and Lt 6 established a secondary dump site with E25-2 laying in from the road and E10-2 at the porta ponds,to supply E5-1.  This fire eventually went to 4 alarms, with every department in Adams County dispatched in some capacity, whether to the the scene or for transfers.  Engine 6-2 handled a fill site at Celebration Hill Rd, Rescue 6 provided lighting, Service 6 assisted with miscellaneous duties on scene, 6A assisted with rehab, and Tanker 6 was eventually able to break free from fire attack to assist with the tanker shuttle.  Thanks to the Liberty Fire Co. (East Berlin) for the engine and ambulance transfers!
Units on the scene:
Engines: 1-1, 1-2, R1, 2-1, 4-1, 5-1, 6-2, 7-1, 7-2, 9-1, 22-2, 25-2, Cumberland 236, Franklin 7-1, 16-2

Tankers: ET3, 4, 6, 9, E10-2, ET14, ET19, ET20, 25, 26, ET27, T29, ET29, Cumberland 25, 52, Franklin ET2, 5, Frederick ET64, York E3-1

Trucks: TWR 5, Cumberland 36, E53, Washington Q27

Special Services: R4, R6, Franklin SQ15, Cumberland Air 53

Other: S1, U5, S6, SU7

Ambulances: 6A, 1A




4/10/12 -Co. 6 once again responded to a structure fire in Co. 1's area, with Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 going on the first alarm on Vista Larga Dr in box 1-5.  Tanker 6 was the first arriving piece after Chief 1 (Baldwin), and was instructed to pull handlines and start working on the fire.  As this was being started, Engine 1-2 arrived, and Tanker 6 was told to hold up on the handlines.  Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A responded when the 2nd alarm was struck.  Engine 6-2 went to the pond near the scene and supplied Engine 5-1, and sent its crew to assist with operations on the scene.  Tanker 6 supplied Engine 1-2, and Rescue 6 sent its crew to assist with operations and filled SCBA cylinders, while 6A was designated as the transporting ambulance.





4/9/12 -Co.6 responded for the second time in as many days to the 1-8 box to assist Co. 1(Gettysburg) with a structure fire, this time at 1760 Shrivers Corner Rd for a trailer fire.  Engine 6-2 responded with 4, as well as Tanker 6 with 2.  The engine crew helped with packing supply line, and the tanker set up its porta-pond and staged.



4/8/12 -After 2 quiet days, Engine 6-2 was dispatched to box 1-8 to replace failed units for what was originally dispatched as a vehicle fire next to a house.  Co. 1 arrived to find the fire extending into the house, and requested a second alarm for manpower, bringing Rescue 6 and Tanker 6.  Co. 6 units staged on the scene until released by Command 1.

Congratulations to FF/Operator Kevin Biesecker on being the first to drive the new rescue!




4/6/12 -The Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. #1 is proud to announce 2 new pieces of apparatus in service.  The first is a 2006 Ford/PL Custom ambulance, replacing the 1998 ambulance, which went into service around lunch time, and ran its first call in the early afternoon.  The second is a 2003 Pierce Enforcer rescue, replacing the 1993 E-One.  It is equipped with many new tools and features that the previous rescue did not have, and the department felt that the upgrade was needed to better serve the community.




4/2/12 - Co. 6 was dispatched to the intersection of Old Carlisle Rd and Cranberry Rd in box 6-8 for a vehicle accident.  Engine 6-2 and 6A arrived to find a car off the road into the trees.  Ambulances 6A and 1A(Gettysburg) both transported patients to York Hospital.



4/1/12 - Engine 6-2 and ambulance 6A responded to 126 W York St for a CO alarm activation.  The engine crew monitored the house with the gas meter, and found no readings.  Deputy Chief 6 (Bowmaster) had command.




3/31/12 - At 1759 hours, the pre-alert sounded for box 5 at 111 N High St, bringing Engine 6-2, Tanker 6 and ambulance 6A.  Engine 6-2 and the Deputy (Bowmaster) responded with 6, Tanker 6 with 2, and Service 6 responded with 5 personnel.  Co. 5 arrived to find a stove fire, and instructed Tanker 6 to come to the scene, and E6-2 to stage at a nearby hydrant.  E6-2 was then directed to come to the scene, as water supply was not needed.  Crews assisted Co. 5 with repacking their handline and returned to service.






3/29/12 - Service 6 and Spill 41-2 responded to assist Co. 9(York Springs) with a milk truck overturned.  Units found a milk tanker on its side, with approximately 4500 gallons of milk leaking into a wooded area with streams and creeks running through it.  The spill was contained and cleaned up after numerous companies responded to the scene for manpower.  



3/27/12 - At 0552, Engine 6-2, Tanker 6 and ambulance 6A were dispatched as part of the first alarm for a house fire at 58 N High St in Arendtsville Boro.  Engine 6-2's crew assisted with fire attack while Tanker 6 stood by on the scene.  


At 1545, Co. 6 was dispatched to the 3100 block of Old Harrisburg Rd in box 25-5 for a house fire.  Units arrived and found a small shed that was already on the ground, with possible extension into the nearby hose trailer.  Crews from Engine 6-2 and Service 6 reported to staging and were then placed in service.  Tanker 6 staged on the scene, and was placed in service a short time later.

Visit 911 Photography for pictures of this incident



3/20/12 - Tanker 6 responded to 324 Peach Glen Rd in Dickinson Twp, Cumberland County for a barn fire in Cumberland box 136-107.  The tanker assisted with water supply operations and returned to service. 



3/18/12 - Engine 6-2 and 6A were dispatched at 1823 as part of the assignment for a vehicle accident involving a motorcycle at the intersection of Carlisle Rd and Cline's Church Rd in box 7-11.  Engine 6-2 and the Lt(Day) responded with 4, and while enroute was advised to set up the landing zone at the Idaville church.  Once the LZ was established, LifeLion 3 was cleared to land, and the engine crew assisted 6A and LifeLion with loading the patient into the helicopter. 

(Photos by Staub's Photography)




3/13/12 - Box 6-8 was dispatched at 0642 for a vehicle accident at the intersection of Old Carlisle Rd and Center Mills Rd.  Engine 6-2 responded with 3, and arrived to find a 2 vehicle crash with no injuries.  The box was placed in service at 0710.



3/13/12 - Co. 6 was dispatched to 304 Carlisle Rd in box 6-7 for a vehicle accident.  Engine 6-2 responded with 6, and Service 6 and the Chief (Smith) responded with 2; units found 2 vehicles with a rear-end collision, and ambulances 6A and 7A both transported 1 patient.  The box was placed in service after 40 minutes.



3/12/12 - Tanker 6 responded to Dickinson Township, Cumberland County on the first alarm assignment for a structure fire.  CC Chief 6(Bretzman) arrived on the scene and reported a working fire, and after evaluating the scene, determined that this would be an exterior attack initially due to the volume of fire.  This fire was determined to be arson, and the subject who set the fire was detained quickly.  More photos and details are available at 911 Photography

Also read the article on Firegeezer

(Photos by Chief Smith) 


At 1806 hrs, Co. 6 was dispatched to 430 Guernsey Rd in box 6-8 for a vehicle accident.  Engine 6-2 and the Asst. Chief (MacBeth) responded with 6 and Service 6 responded with 3.  Units arrived to find 1 vehicle v.s. farm tractor, with minor injuries.  Ambulances 6A and 7A each transported 1 patient, and the box was placed in service at 1846.


At 1914, Service 6 responded to the Blue Sky motel to assist on an EMS call.  The service unit returned to service at 1928.



3/11/12 - After a weekend of hard work, the current Rescue 6 was permanently taken out of service, and all the equipment transferred over to the new piece.  Once the transfer was complete, the rig was sent back to PA Fire Apparatus to mount equipment such as hand tools and rescue tools, as well as some other odds and ends.  We are hoping to have the new rig back in the station permanently within 2-3 weeks, to begin driver training and then put it in service. 




3/3/12 - Co. 6 was dispatched at 1044 to the 3400 blk of Biglerville Rd in Butler Twp for an MVA with injuries.  Rescue 6 responded with 5, Engine 6-2 with 2, as well as 6A.  When units arrived, they found 2 SUV's head-on, with multiple patients and requested additional ambulances and medic units, bringing 7A, 9A, 1A and Medics 28-1 and 28-2.  7A and 6A each transported 1 patient to Gettysburg, and 9A transported 2 patients to York.  1A staged on the scene and was released by command a short time later.  EMT's on the rescue crew also took 4 patient refusals, and the box was placed in service at 1144.


Units involved:
Rescue 6, Engine 6-2

Ambulances 6A, 7A, 9A, 1A

Medic 28-1, 28-2

Chief 6



3/2/12 - Personnel spent most of the day at the station setting up and preparing for the Phil Asper Memorial Stag Shrimp Feed; however, this preparation was interrupted by multiple calls throughout the day.


At 1117 hours, the assignment was dispatched for a vehicle accident at 403 Arendtsville Rd.  Rescue 6 responded with 4 personnel, and found 1 vehicle into the pond, with the driver self-extricated.  The rescue crew prepped the patient for the arrival of ambulance 1A, as 6A was already out on another call.  Chief 6(Smith) had command, and the box was placed in service at 1149.


At 1246, ambulance 6A and Medic 28 were dispatched to Penn St for trouble breathing.  Upon the arrival of the ambulance, the patient was found to be in cardiac arrest, and the crew requested Co. 6 medical assist.  Rescue 6 responded with 3, as well as multiple personnel in their POV's, and assisted the ambulance crew with patient packaging and loading into the ambulance.


At 1708, Co. 6 and Medic 28 were dispatched to the intersection of Biglerville Rd and Goldenville Rd for a vehicle accident, with one subject having chest pain.  Chief 6(Smith) arrived and confirmed dispatch, finding 2 vehicles partially blocking the roadway.  Rescue 6 and the Asst. Chief (MacBeth) responded with 6, and upon arrival was directed to check for hazards and assist EMS.  6A transported 1 patient to Gettysburg, and the box was placed in service at 1732.


At 1955, in the middle of the Shrimp Feed, Tanker 6 was dispatched to assist Co. 10 (Hampton) with a barn fire.  Upon arrival on the scene, Tanker 6 staged until released by Command 10.




3/1/12 - Service 6 and Spill 41-2 were dispatched at 1141 to the 4400 block of the Baltimore Pike in box 20-1 to assist with fluid cleanup from a vehicle accident that occurred there earlier in the morning.  The spill unit returned to service at 1341.




2/24/12 - Ambulance 6A was dispatched to 185 N Main St to assist PSP with a vehicle accident.  Upon responding, County advised that PSP was originally sent out for a non-injury accident, but then requested EMS, and that now the fire department would be dispatched for an entrapment.  Units arrived to find a vehicle in the parking lot of the apartment building with damage to the driver's door, and performed a door pop to get the driver out of the car, who was uninjured. 6A transported 1 other patient for evaluation. 



2/22/12 - Co. 6 was dispatched at 2341 for a dumpster fire at IFCO (formerly the Pallet Outlet).  Engine 6-2 and the Lt(Day) responded with 6, as well as Deputy 6(Bowmaster) and Tanker 6.  Units arrived to find a large metal dumpster with a large volume of fire showing, with flames approximately 10-15 feet in the air.  Engine 6-2 pulled the trash line and extinguished the fire, and returned to service at 0030.

(Photos by FF Ryan Little and Ambulance Driver Michelle Powell) 




2/18/12 - Members and friends of the Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. #1 took an evening to relax, have fun, and look back at the year 2011.  The night started out with a meal, and then reports from the Fire Chief, EMS Captain, Ladies' Auxiliary President, and President.  After this, awards were presented, a video presentation was shown, and door prizes handed out, followed by music and dancing late into the evening.  During the banquet, our transfer crews ran 2 EMS calls.  The new rescue was also on hand for those in attendance to view the progress on it so far.
Award winners were:
Chief's Award: Dennis Freed

Line Officer's Award: Dan Keck

EMS Volunteer of the Year: Curt MacBeth

Jr. Firefighters of the Year: Brittnie Freed, Julia Freed, Sean Brown

Special Awards were given to Co. 7(Bendersville), Co. 5(Arendtsville), and Co. 11(Liberty) for their efforts in assisting with the life-saving rescue of 2 individuals during the heavy flooding the area experienced in April.  A special award was also given to Jr. FF Nicole Bowmaster for her efforts during this time in keeping things in order at the station while all units were out on rescues. 

Former Assistant Chief Nick Cook also received a special award to thank him for his years of dedicated service to the department.  We wish him success in his future endeavors!


A special thanks to our transfer crews:
Engine: Franklin Fire Co. (Franklin Co. Station 4)
Rescue: Fairfield Fire-EMS(Adams Co. 2)

Ambulance: SAVES (Adams Co. 29)



2/17/12 - The new rescue is back in the station, however only for a short time so that members can view the progress at our annual Appreciation Banquet.  Thanks to PA Fire Apparatus for bringing it down for us to see!




2/16/12 - Co. 1 units were dispatched to a garage fire on Barlow St in Gettysburg Boro.  Shortly after dispatch, County advised that the Police Dept was on the scene with a working fire extending into the house.  Engine 6-2 was dispatched at 0824 to replace units that had failed from the initial dispatch.  The engine responded with 4, and was assigned to assist with overhaul, with Captain 6 (Freed) given interior operations.  Engine 6-2 was released by Command 1 at 0929.

 For more info as well as pictures, visit Gettysburg Fire


At 0950, while crews were still cleaning up equipment from the fire call, 6A, Medic 28 and Co. 6 med assist were dispatched to Knouse Foods for a fallen subject.  Engine 6-2 and 6A responded immediately, and were advised by County that a subject had fallen 16 feet, and that the caller stated that an ambulance would not be able to make access to the patient.  Upon arrival, it was discovered that the subject had actually fallen into an empty vinegar tank, climbed out on his own, and was assisted from there to a nearby vehicle.  The engine crew assisted EMS with packaging and loading the patient into the ambulance.



2/15/12 - The tones dropped at 0117 for a vehicle accident with entrapment in Biglerville Boro.  Rescue 6 responded with 5 personnel and found 1 vehicle that had hit 2 parked cars, with 1 patient lying in the roadway, and another still in their vehicle, but negative entrapment.  Fire units assisted EMS with patient packaging and hazard control.

Units involved:
Rescue 6, Engine 6-2, Engine 7-1

Ambulances 6A, 1A

Medic 28



2/13/12 - Co. 6 was dispatched for a MVA in box 6-8 on Heidlersburg Rd.  Rescue 6 and the Deputy (Bowmaster) responded with 6 personnel, and Chief 6 (Smith) arrived on scene to find 1 vehicle into a pole with the pole snapped, and no injuries.




2/5/12 - Engine 6-2 was dispatched at 1048 to set up a landing zone for Stat MedEvac 13 at the station for a patient from an EMS call.




2/4/12 - Co. 6 was dispatched on the first alarm for a gas leak in a structure in Arendtsville Boro.  Engine 6-2 responded with 6, Rescue 6 responded with 4, Tanker 6 with 2, and 6A also responded.  Units staged on the scene until released by Command 5.




2/2/12 - Rescue 6 was dispatched at 1813 hours for a chimney fire on Gabler's Rd in box 7-7.  The rescue responded with 6 personnel, and staged on the scene until released by command.




The crew at PA Fire Apparatus has been working hard to get the new rescue refurbished and in service.  So far, work has been done mounting equipment in the cab, and it's now the right color!

(Photos by Captain Freed)




Congratulations to FF Matt Bricker on graduating from the Richmond Fire Academy and becoming a career firefighter.  FF Bricker is currently serving, ironically, at Station 6.  Good luck in your career and be safe out there!

(Photos from



1/28/12 - With the Winter Party already under way, Companies 5 and 7 as well as ambulance 6A, 7A and Medic 28 were dispatched for a vehicle accident with entrapment on Quaker Valley Rd.  After units arrived, they determined that airmedical was needed, so Engine 6-2 was dispatched at 1916 hours to set up the LZ at the Arendtsville Elementary School.  The engine responded with a crew of 4.

(Photo from




1/27/12 - An engine crew of 5 traveled to Blue Ridge Fire-Rescue in Franklin County to standby while they operated a wing night fundraiser.  The crew enjoyed a great meal, ran no calls and returned home around 2330 hours.




1/25/12 - The pre-alert sounded late in the night for a porch fire on Penn St in box 6.  Chief 6(Smith) responded and was advised of multiple calls stating that the porch of the residence was on fire.  Chief 6 went on the scene with no visible fire.  Upon the arrival of Engine 6-2, the crew started overhaul and salvage on the porch, with Deputy 6(Bowmaster) investigating and checking for extension on the inside of the house.  Other units arrived and assisted with overhaul.  Units were then placed in service with the exception of Engine 6-2, which stayed until the arrival of FM 1 to investigate.  It appears that the fire was caused by a discarded cigarette butt which caught a chair on fire that was on the porch.

(Bottom row of photos by Jr. FF S. Biesecker)





1/24/12 - Co. 6 was dispatched in the morning hours to box 6-9 for a vehicle accident with 1 vehicle into a house, with no injuries.  Units arrived and found 1 pickup truck in the front yard, and moderate damage to the house, mostly on the inside.  1 resident of the house was very fortunate, as she was standing next to the bathroom sink where the impact site was.

(Photos by Capt. Freed)

1/23/12 - Rescue 6 and a crew of 7 attended the funeral services for Co. 33 FF Brandon Little.



The Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. #1 would like to express our sincere condolances to United Hook & Ladder Co. 33 on the line of duty death of Firefighter Brandon Little.




1/14/12 - Shortly after 1100 hours, Captain 6 (Freed) called County by radio after coming across a field fire on Old Carlisle Rd.  County advised that they had no controlled burns listed in our area, and at 1117 dispatched Co. 6 and 7 for the brush fire.  Units arrived and began putting the fire out, but were then approached by one of the residents who began an altercation with a few of the firefighters.  PSP was requested to the scene, and once the fire was out, the trooper took reports.  It appears that this fire was started by a burning couch in the yard, and the moderate winds spread it to the adjacent field.

Units involved:

Engine 6-2, Tanker 6, Captain 6

Mini Pumper 7, Brush 7

Ambulance 6A

Co. 6 Fire Police

PA State Police

For the compete photo gallery, go to our Facebook Page



1/5/12 - Tanker 6 and ambulance 6A responded to assist Co. 5 (Arendstville) with a vehicle fire at the intersection of Beecherstown Rd and Punch Rd in box 5-6.  Both units staged on the scene until released by Deputy Chief 5 (Johnson).


Around lunch time, the pre-alert sounded for box 25-4 for the house fire, bringing Rescue 6 as part of the first alarm.  Rescue 6 responded with 6 personnel, and with units enroute, County advised that this was a working fire.  Upon arrival, Rescue 6 was assigned to RIT.  Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 also responded to replace units that failed on the initial box.  Engine 6-2's crew assisted with interior operations.



1/3/12 - Co.6 was dispatched at 0536 for a vehicle accident with one partially into the pond at 403 Arendtsville Rd.  Chief 6 (Smith) responded and found no injuries, and placed the box in service.







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