12/20/11 - The Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. #1 announces the purchase of a 2003 Pierce Enforcer rescue to replace the current Rescue 6.  This unit has many features the company was looking for that are not on our current rescue, and is also much newer.  Stay tuned for updated pictures as this unit "ripens" and gets put in service.




12/18/11 - Rescue 6 responded to the intersection of Carlisle Rd and Center Mills Rd to assist Co. 7 (Bendersville) with a 3 car MVA.  The rescue crew assisted with fluid control and returned to service.



12/16/11 - Co.6 and Medic 28 were dispatched to box 6-5 for a vehicle accident with a pedestrian struck.  Subsequent reports stated that it was a head-on collision, and with a pedestrian struck.  Rescue 6 assisted with EMS and hazard control, and Engine 6-2 handled the landing zone for LifeLion at station 6.

Units involved:

Rescue 6, Engine 6-2

Ambulances 6A, 6A1, 7A, 1A, Medic 28



12/12/11 - Chief 6(Smith) and Engine 6-2 assisted Biglerville Boro crews with a water main break on West Hanover St.



12/10/11 - Engine 6-2 was dispatched to box 1-6-30 as part of the first alarm assignment for the house fire.  E6-2 arrived just after Engine 1-2 (Gettysburg) and picked up their supply line, and sent its crew to assist E1-2 with investigation and ventilation. 



12/7/11 - Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 responded to 2215 Biglerville Rd (Anchor Estates Mobile Home Park) in box 1-6 for a porch fire attached to a mobile home.  Deputy 1 (Shank) arrived and reported that the fire was believed to be out at this time.  Engine 6-2 was the first arriving engine company, and was assigned to check the porch and house for any remaining fire or extension.  After nothing was found, the box was placed in service.





12/3/11 - Co. 6 was dispatched at 1546 for a vehicle accident at Old Carlisle Rd and Bull Valley Rd in box 6-8.  6A arrived and found 2 vehicles on opposite sides of the intersection with moderate damage and no injuries.  Rescue 6 arrived and assised EMS and checked for hazards, and the box was placed in service.



11/15/11 - Engine 6-2 responded to box 1-8 for a grain dryer on fire.  Upon arrival, E6-2 was directed to assist Truck 33(United) with RIT operations.  Chief 6(Smith) was assigned the Operations group, and the rest of the crew stood by as RIT until released by Command 1.  






11/12/11 - At 1400 hours, the Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. #1 held the dedication ceremony for the Philip P. Asper Memorial in front of our station.  Phil was a past Assistant Chief of the department and was instrumental in our annual stag shrimp feed, which has been renamed in his honor.  Thank you to all from our community who attended, and a special thanks to Co. 5 (Arendtsville) for coming and showing your support.




11/6/11 - Rescue 6 was dispatched in the early morning hours for the RIT assignment for a house fire in Co. 4's (Cashtown) area.  First arriving units found a well-involved house trailer.  Rescue 6 arrived and set up for RIT, staging on side A.  Tanker 6 responded off the box and hauled 2 loads of water before returning to service.






11/4/11 - Co. 6 was dispatched shortly before noon for a vehicle fire on Shriver's Corner Rd.  With units enroute, Adams advised that the vehicle should be a box truck carrying race car parts.  Just prior to the arrival of Engine 6-2, Assistant Chief 25(Crouse) advised that he was on the scene with a working fire.  Engine 6-2 arrived with a well involved trailer and went to work, pulling an 1 3/4" attack line and opening up the sides of the trailer to make an attack.  Other members of the engine crew pulled a backup attack line and assisted with equipment.  Tanker 6 w/Lt6(Freed) arrived and supplied Engine 6-2, with Lt 6 taking command.  Engine 6-1 also responded.  Units overhauled and salvaged what could be saved, but most of the equipment was a loss.

(Photos by various members)






10/18/11 - Personnel participated in ropes training at the station, led by Lt Freed.



2 MVA's

10/17/11 - Co. 6 responded to the intersection of N Main St and York St in Biglerville Boro for a vehicle accident.  Upon arrival, it was determined that the crash was actually non-reportable, and Co. 6 assisted PSP on the scene.


At 1631, Co. 6 was alerted for a vehicle accident in box 6-8 at the intersection of Heidlersburg Rd and Old Carlisle Rd.  Units arrived to find 1 vehicle that had travelled up an embankment and back onto the road, with front end damage and 1 patient with a head laceration.  The rescue crew handled the patient until the arrival of ambulance 9A, and helped clear off the road and returned to service.

(Photos by Jr. FF Julia Freed)





10/16/11 - Rescue 6 was dispatched at 1636 to Box 9-2-30 for the RIT assignment for a fire at 105 State St.  Upon arrival, the fire was out, and Command 9 asked the rescue to standby at Co. 9(York Springs) with Cumberland County Engine 236 (Citizen's Fire Co).  Rescue 6 was released at 1722.




Service 6 has now been upgraded with an LED lightbar purchased through a grant to replace the old rotator style lightbar.




9/30/11 - Co. 6 & 7 and Medic 28 were dispatched for a vehicle accident in front of Hollabaugh's Fruit Market in box 6-7.  6A and Chief 6(Smith) arrived to find one vehicle off the road into a pole, with the driver out of the vehicle.  Chief 6 held the box to 6A, and 6A transported the patient to Gettysburg Hospital as a precaution.



9/25/11 - Engine 6-2 was dispatched to Transitions Healthcare nursing facility in box 1-6-30 for the first alarm assignment for smoke in the building.  Engine 6-2 responded with 4 and once on the scene staged by the hydrant on side A, and was released shortly after this.


At 1205, Rescue 6 and Engine 6-2 were dispatched for a vehicle accident with entrapment on Zeigler Mill Rd in box 5-5.  The rescue company performed extrication and returned to service at 1240.  Engine 6-2 was directed to set up a LZ at the Biglerville Elementary School, but was placed in service.




9/24/11 - Co. 6 and Medic 28 were dispatched at 0243 for a vehicle accident with injuries on Center Mills Rd between Old Carlisle and Bull Valley roads in box 6-8.  Chief 6 (Smith) arrived on the scene and found a pickup truck on its side under a pole, with the driver still entrapped and 4 other occupants out of the vehicle.  The box was upgraded, bringing Engine 7-1 and ambulance 7A.  Extrication was made even more difficult than usual due to live wires down on the scene, and the crews from the 6th Cavalry and 7th Battalion worked for 37 minutes before the driver was extricated.  6A transported to York Trauma, and the box was placed in service at 0500.

Units involved:

Rescue 6, Engine 6-2, Engine 7-1, Engine 7-2

Ambulances 6A, 6A1, 1A, Medic 28

(Photos by Dominic Englebert and Dustin Cramer)



9/23/11 - Some hard fast rain in the morning hours brought much flash flooding across much of Adams County, hitting Gettysburg Boro the hardest.  Rescue 6 was dispatched around lunch time to assist Co. 1(Gettysburg) with a CO detector activation in Gettysburg Boro.  While enroute to that call, the rescue encountered high water over numerous parts of Biglerville Rd.  While this was happening, Co. 6 was dispatched for a water rescue on Biglerville Rd in the 6-1 box.  Engine 6-2 and ambulance 6A responded and found 1 vehicle off the side of the road in high water, and the occupant still in the vehicle.  The driver was assisted from her car to the ambulance, and was transported to the hospital for evaluation.  After units returned to quarters, Service 6 with a crew and pumps headed to Gettysburg to assist with pumping out numerous flooded basements.





9/10/11 - Co.6 once again answered the call for help from a distant neighbor, traveling to the boro of Steelton in Dauphin County to assist them with pumping out basements.  Service 6 and Utility 6 made the trip with a crew of 4.  Crews found most basements to have 4+ feet of water in them, and worked on 3 basements before being told to stop operations due to concerns of more flooding later on in the evening.





 Engine 6-2 now has its lighting package upgraded, with an LED lightbar, and all flashers have been upgraded to LED's, due to recent issues with the old warning lights.



9/8/11 - Service 6 and a crew of 3 loaded up pumps and headed to Co. 29(SAVES) to assist them with pumping out flooded basements in their area.  While there, the crew also took in a vehicle accident.  The service and crew returned to Co. 6 at approximately 1800 hrs, just in time for another crew to take the service and pumps to assist York County Station 1(West York) with pumping basements.  Here, Service 6, along with Brush 7(Bendersville) and Engine 4-3(Cashtown) pumped basements to free up West York's personnel to run calls.  Several units from Franklin County also came later to assist with the pumping operations.

(Photos from Co. 29 by FF Little)





8/28/11 - Co. 6 was dispatched on the first alarm assignment for a house fire at 173 Park St in Bendersville Boro.  Tanker 6, Engine 6-2, Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A all responded on the box, with the engine crew assisting on the interior and the rescue crew assigned to ventilation.  A quick knock was made by Engine 7-2, and units returned to service after some overhaul. 

(Additional photos in slideshow)

For more photos, see 911 Photography




8/25/11 - Tanker 6 was dispatched as part of the first alarm assignment for a barn fire on Poplar Hill Rd in box 9-8.  Lt 9(Funt) arrived on the scene and confirmed working barn fire, and requested additional resources.  Engine 6-1, Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A also responded on the fire.  Engine 6-1's crew reported to the scene and assisted with overhaul and checking the nearby residence for fire extension, Rescue 6 staged on scene to fill air cylinders, Tanker 6 assisted with water supply, and 6A was assigned rehab.



Watch the response video here


Helmet Cam Video:

(Disregard incorrect date/time)



8/22/11 - The pre-alert sounded at 0229 for an odor of smoke in a residence in box 6-8.  Lt 6(Freed) arrived on the scene and found nothing evident from the exterior, and the homeowner safely evacuated from the home.  The crews of Engine 6-1 and E7-2(Bendersville) investigated and found an odor, but no evident cause.  The box was then held to Engine 6-1, Tanker 6, Tower 5, and Engines 7-1 and 7-2 for further investigation.  With no cause found, the box was placed in service at 0304.    



8/19/11 - Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 were dispatched as part of the first alarm assignment for a reported working structure fire in box 1-6.  With units enroute, Chief 1(Baldwin) arrived on the scene and reported 75% involvement of the structure.  Tanker 6 was the first piece of apparatus to arrive on the scene, and was instructed by Chief 1 to drop their porta-pond and initiate water supply.  Engine 6-2 arrived and proceeded down the driveway to the residence laying 1200' of supply line and began the initial fire attack, followed by Engine 1-2 (Gettysburg), with Assistant 6(Cook) being put in charge of Operations.  The second alarm was then struck, bringing Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A.  Rescue 6 was assigned to assist with the interior attack, and 6A w/EMS Lt 6(Day) was assigned command of the EMS Group.  Thankfully all of the residents made it safely out of this fire, and units returned to service after about 5 hours.




8/18/11 - Engine 6-2 and ambulance 6A transferred to Co. 25(Heidlersburg) to standby during the first night of their carnival.  No calls were answered while on the transfer, despite some fairly heavy storms moving through the area, and units returned to Co. 6 around 2100 hours.


Shortly after the return of Engine 6-2 to quarters, the pre-alert sounded for box 25-1 for an odor of smoke in the residence.  Co. 6 responded with Engine 6-2, Engine 6-1, Tanker 6 and Rescue 6.  Engine 6-2 proceeded back the lane to the house and assisted Engine 25-2 with investigation, and found a blown fuse in the fuse box.  The remainder of the units staged on the scene until released by Command 25. 




8/14/11 - Co. 6 was dispatched for a vehicle accident with unknown injuries on Center Mills Rd in box 6-8.  Assistant Chief 25(Crouse) came up on the air advising that he was on the scene with 1 vehicle on its side off the roadway, and that the driver was out of the vehicle.  6A arrived and took care of the patient, and upon its arrival, Rescue 6 checked the vehicle for hazards, and the box was placed in service a short time later.




8/6/11 - While members were hanging out at the station after returning from the ACVESA Convention, Co. 6, Engine 7-1(Bendersville), Rescue 1(Gettysburg, replacing R6 due to it being out of service), 6A, 7A and Medic 28 were dispatched for a vehicle accident with entrapment on Arendtsville Rd.  Engine 6-2 responded with the Chief (Smith) and 5 other personnel, along with 6A, and found one vehicle up an embankment on its side, with the driver only confined in the vehicle.  Stabilization and extrication were performed by Engine 6-2's crew, and the remainder of the box was placed in service.  Engine 6-1 also responded and took a blocking position and provided additional lighting.

During this incident, Service 6 was dispatched for wires on fire in box 6-8.  Chief 6 requested that an engine from Co. 25 (Heidlersburg) be added due to Co. 6 already being on the crash.  Service 6, Tanker 6 and Engine 25-2 responded for the wires, and the 6-8 box was placed in service shortly.





8/6/11 - Co. 6 dumped the house to go to the 2011 ACVESA Convention Parade, hosted by Co. 5 (Arendtsville).  The 6th Cavalry came home with the following trophies:

1st Place Ambulance (2008 Chevy/Lifeline)
1st Place Utility, ATV or Service Unit (Utility 6)
2nd Place Special Unit or Traffic Unit (Service 6)
2nd Place Rescue (Rescue 6)
2nd Place Ambulance (2004 Ford/Horton)
3rd Place Engine 1999 or Older (Engine 6-1)
3rd Place Engine 2000 or Newer (Engine 6-2)


(Additional photos in slideshow)



Co. 6 would also like to congratulate Arendtsville on their 100 years of service!



7/31/11 - Ambulance 6A and Medic 28 were dispatched for an overdose at a residence on Geurnsey Rd, and while they were enroute, Adams 911 advised that the patient was now taking off through the woods and that units should stage and await the arrival of PA State Police.  Upon the arrival of PSP, Co. 6 was requested to assist with searching for the patient.  Utility 6 and Rescue 6 responded, and before units could get in position, the patient was located and the search detail was cancelled.


7/29/11 - Engine 6-2 and a crew of 5 went to Co. 9(York Springs) to standby during their carnival.  No calls were answered, and the engine returned to Co. 6 at 2240.




Junior Members Julia Freed, Brittnie Freed and Sean Brown participated in and completed the Franklin County Junior Firefighter Academy, held the last week in July.

(Additional photos in slideshow)

(Photos by Dennis Freed and Kim Freed)




7/12/11 - Co. 1(Gettysburg) units were alerted for a vehicle accident on US Rt 15 northbound.  Upon arrival, Co. 1 requested an additional engine, ambulance and 2 medic units, which included 6A.  The patients from this crash were flown from the scene by LifeLion.

(Photo by FF/EMT L Powell)


While 6A operated on the crash, the pre-alert sounded for box 25-10 for a structure fire.  Tanker 6 and Engine 6-2 responded, and Chief 6(Smith) responded to the scene, reporting smoke showing upon his arrival.  First arriving units extinguished the fire quickly, and Engine 6-2 and Tanker 6 staged until being released.  Just after Engine 6-2 cleared the fire, 6A was alerted for a medical call at Mott's, Inc.  Due to the ambulance responding from out of the area, Engine 6-2 responded as medical assist.  The engine crew assisted with patient care and loading the patient, and then returned to service.

(Photos by FF J Biesecker and EMS Lt Day)





7/9/11 - FF/Operator Brown, EMS Lt Day and Jr. FF Brown, along with some members of Franklin County Station 4 (Franklins) loaded up on Engine 6-1 and Duty 44 to head to Harrisburg for the 2011 PA Pump Primer's Muster.  Despite some tire issues on the way there, the crew made it to the muster and were able to participate in the mass pumping and took in the activities of the muster.


On the road home from Harrisburg, Engine 6-1 encountered even more problems with tires and Operator Brown and EMS Lt Day decided that the safest thing to do would be to have it towed home to have the tire problems fixed.  Asst. 6-1(MacBeth) came and picked up the crew in his POV to continue the ride home.  While on the road, the tones were dropped for a motorcycle accident with multiple patients on Rt 15 Northbound in Co. 25's area, bringing both ambulances 6A and 7A.  Since the scene was directly on the route home, Asst.6-1 and the others stopped and assisted on the scene with packaging the patients and loading them into the helicopters.






7/8/11 - Co. 6 was alerted at 0654 for a tractor trailer leaking fuel on S Main St across from the 7-11 in Biglerville Boro.  6A investigated and found a tractor trailer partially blocking the roadway with a steady leak of diesel fuel from one of the saddle tanks, and requested that Spill 41-2 be dispatched also.  Rescue 6 responded and arrived and controlled the spread of the leak with peat-sorb, and supplies were brought down from the spill trailer to assist with spill containment and control.  Co. 6 units remained on the scene to monitor the situation until a cleanup company arrived, and units went in service at approx. 1130.

Units involved:

Rescue 6, Engine 6-2, Service 6, Spill 41-2, Ambulance 6A, Car 41(County Hazmat coordinator) 



In the afternoon hours, ambulances 7A and 9A (York Springs), along with Medic 28 and Cumberland County Medic 89 (West Shore EMS) were alerted to respond to the Mott's plant in Aspers for 2 ill subjects.  Engine co. 7 was then added to the box, and Assistant Chief 7 (Cramer) then requested Rescue 6.  6A, which had just cleared Gettysburg Hospital from a previous call, was added as 9A went out of service with mechanical problems.  Engine 7-1 and Rescue 6 monitored the building with gas meters and EMS treated and transported the 2 patients.  Shortly after returning to the station, Rescue 6 was alerted for another medical call, this time in Biglerville Boro.  The rescue arrived and provided patient care until 1A (Gettysburg) could arrive to transport the patient, as 6A1 was out of service.





7/4/11 - At 1107, Co. 6 was dispatched to assist 6A with lifting at the scene of a med call.  As Service 6 was preparing to go responding, the assignment was changed to a landing zone, so the crew loaded up on Engine 6-1 and responded to the scene, establishing the landing zone in a nearby field.


At 1508 hours, Co. 6 personnel were paged to standby at the station with Utility 6 ready to assist on a mountain fire in box 5-7.  The utility was not needed, however Rehab 6 was requested to the scene by Command 5.   




7/2/11 - Co. 6 and Medic 28 were dispatched at 0404 for a vehicle accident on Heidlersburg Rd in the area of Old Carlisle Rd.  Asst. 6(Cook) arrived on scene and found the towing company on the scene with the vehicle already loaded up, and only requesting EMS for an evaluation of the driver.  Command 6 held the box to 6A and Medic 28, and placed the rest in service.  


At 1111 hours, Co. 7, Engine 7-1, Ambulances 6A, 7A and Medic 28 were dispatched to 79 E York St in Biglerville Boro for a vehicle accident with entrapment involving a tractor trailer.  Captain 6(Redden) responded and confirmed dispatch, finding the driver of the car unresponsive.  Rescue 6 and Engine 7-1 performed the extrication, while Engine 6-2 handled the landing zone for LifeLion at Co. 6. 




7/1/11 - At 0847 hours, Tanker 6 was dispatched as part of the second alarm assignment for a house fire in box 1-1 (Lake Heritage development).  The tanker staged on scene with other apparatus before being released by Command 1.  Ambulance 6A-1 transferred to Co. 1 during this call and stood by with Engine 9-2(York Springs) and Quint 29(SAVES), and handled 2 EMS calls before being released.


Co. 6 was dispatched at 1523 for an electrical pole on fire at 74 Geurnsey Rd in box 6-8.  Chief 6 arrived and scene and reported an electrical pole in the front yard of the residence fully involved.  Engine 6-2 responded with the Lt (Freed) and 4, and upon arrival attempted to secure utilities, and stretched the trash line.  The fire was attempted to be knocked down using an intermittent stream technique, and the pole then collapsed.  While operating at this incident, Adams advised Command 6 that they had a report of a field fire approximately 1 mile north of Biglerville on Carlisle Rd.  Chief 6(Smith), Asst. 6(Cook) and 6A responded from the scene of the pole fire, leaving Engine 6-2 and 3 personnel to await the arrival of the electric company.  Tanker 6 and Engine 6-1 responded to the field fire, but were placed in service after it was discovered that the fire was actually at 1415 Potato Rd, in box 7-6.




6/30/11 - Rescue 6 was dispatched as part of the assignment at 1526 for an ATV accident in box 7-10.  The rescue crew assisted with packaging and loading the patient into the ambulance, and returned to service at 1552.  




6/28/11 - Engine 6-2 and a crew of 6 loaded up and traveled south to standby for Co. 1 (Gettysburg) along with Squad 4 (Cashtown) and a crew manning Truck 1 while they held the first night of their annual carnival.  Amazingly, the crews ran no calls, and the engine returned to Co. 6 shortly after 2300.




6/25/11 - Company 5 (Arendtsville), ambulances 6A and 7A and Medic 28 were dispatched for a vehicle into a house on Narrows Rd at Fairgrounds Rd.  Chief 5 (Schriver) arrived on scene and requested Rescue 6 for additional assistance.  The rescue responded with 5 personnel, and once on scene was briefed by Chief 5, and began taking measurements and cutting lumber to shore up the walls of the house.  The crews of Engine 5-1, Special Unit 5 and Rescue 6 worked together to accomplish this, and once the shoring operation was completed, the pickup truck was pulled out of the house by the towing company.  The house stayed intact, and the hole was then covered with a tarp and secured, and crews returned to service.

(Additional photos in slideshow)





6/18/11 - Company 6 took Engine 6-2, Ambulance 6A and Rehab 6 to set up a display at the Biglerville Community Days held at Oakside Park.  After the 5K run was over, the engine was taken down to the pond and set up the deck gun for a display, as well as the forestry line so that the young (and young at heart) members of the community could flow some water.





Engine 6-1 and a crew were requested to standby for the American Legion while they conducted their annual flag burning to properly dispose of old, worn out american flags.

(Photos by FF/EMT Powell)





6/10/11 - Service 6 and Spill 41-2 were dispatched at 0759to assist units operating on a vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer in box 23-1 at mile marker 1 on US Rt 15.  The spill unit returned to service at 1405.


Co. 6 and Engine 7-2 were dispatched to box 6-5, 2880 Table Rock Rd for a car fire.  Just as this call was dispatched, bystanders informed personnel on station that there was a fire up the street in the boro.  County then gave updated information confirming this in subsequent dispatches.  Chief 6 (Smith) went on the scene with a well involved car fire, and Engine 6-2 assumed fire attack upon arrival.  Engine 7-2 arrived and assisted the crew of E6-2 with overhaul, and units returned to service in about 30 minutes.

(Additional photos in slideshow)




In the later evening hours, the tones dropped for a vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer in box 7-6 at the intersection of Carlisle Rd and Gablers Rd.  Units arrived on scene and found a sedan still in the roadway with 1 patient still confined in the vehicle.  Engine 7-1 arrived and stabilized the car and began extrication.  Rescue 6 was assigned to assist with EMS and check the tractor trailer for hazards.  During this incident, a call was dispatched for 6A, and Rescue 6 was released from the scene to assist with the med call.  The pt was extricated and taken by 7A to a trauma center.






6/8/11 - At 0825 hours, Engine 6-2 was alerted to transfer to Co. 19 (Bonneauville) while they operated on a house fire in box 19-5.  At 0840, while enroute to the transfer, Engine 6-2 was requested to the scene.  Upon arrival, Engine 6-2 assisted with interior operations.  Tanker 6 was also dispatched to assist, and took part in water supply operations.  Units returned to service at 1036.  

(Photos by J. Biesecker)




6/7/11 - Rescue 6 and Tanker 6 were dispatched at 0946 as part of the first alarm assignment for a mobile home fire in box 4-3.  Tanker 6 was out the door quickly, and Rescue 6 followed a few minutes later to fulfill the RIT assignment.  Upon arrival, Tanker 6 assisted with water supply, and Rescue 6 was instructed to get as close as possible and set up RIT on side A.  The rescue made access through a nearby orchard and set up.  RIT was released at 1153, and Co. 6 returned to service.

(Additional photos in slideshow)





The Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. #1 would like to congratulate Chief Mike Smith on his recent engagement.  We wish him and Kristy a long and happy life together! 




Since January of this year, Co. 6 members have been working piece by piece at renovating the lounge to keep it up to date and more inviting for volunteers to hang out at the station.  This renovation process included tearing out the counter tops that were in the middle of the room and mounting them on the walls, mounting cabinets that were graciously donated to the company, installing a new flat screen tv bought with funds donated by the members of the company, wiring surround sound speakers, hanging up pictures and items to remind us of the past, putting in a new floor to replace the carpet half of the room, and installing new, brighter lighting.  Other station renovation projects included hanging cabinets in the bunkroom, completing installation of new lighting in the engine bays, as well as in the dining hall and office areas. 

(Additional photos in slideshow)






Members of Station 6 have recently been enjoying the company of a few ducks and ducklings, which seem to have taken a liking to the firehouse, and have even ventured inside on some occasions.



5/23/11 - Co.6 members had the opportunity to look at and test drive a demo rescue engine from Crimson Fire.  This particular unit is the Crimson Transformer, which had some interesting features for personnel to look at and take in.  Co. 6 appreciates the folks at Crimson for allowing us to look at this piece. 



5/22/11 - Fire Police were dispatched for traffic control for a disabled tractor trailer in the center of town.  It turned out that as the truck was turning to head to Inland Container, his trailer broke just behind the axles of the truck due to the load having shifted.  Equipment from Inland was brought down the street to the scene and Rescue 6 and a crew that was on station then went to the scene to assist with cleanup.





5/17/11 - Adams County dispatched units at 1837 to 4273 Chambersburg Rd in box 4-2 for a structure fire with entrapment, sending Rescue 6 on the initial alarm.  Not long after the initial dispatch, ambulance 6A was dispatched along with ambulance 2A (Fairfield) and a second medic from 28 (Gettysburg Hospital) now for multiple burn patients at the same fire.  6A responded quickly, and then Rescue 6 responded with 6 personnel.  While enroute, Command 4 advised R6 that it would have the RIT assignment.  Rescue 6 arrived and set up for RIT, and staged ready for action until released by Command at 1933.  6A transported 1 patient and rendezvoused with STAT Medevac at the Thomasville Airport.  6A1 was also dispatched, but placed in service upon their arrival on the scene.





5/16/11 - Rescue 6 was dispatched at 1555 as part of the assignment for a vehicle accident on Carlisle Rd (Rt 34) and Quaker Valley Rd.  Shortly after the rescue went responding, Chief 7 (Bretzman) went on the scene with 3 vehicles involved and reported that there was a subject entrapped in the vehicle.  Rescue 6 arrived and assisted with stabilization of the vehicle and hazard control, and returned to service at 1635.



5/11/11 - Tanker 6, Engine 6-2 and 6A responded to assist Co. 7 (Bendersville) with a brush fire in box 7-8.  Units were originally dispatched to Gardners Station Rd, but then some were diverted to locations on Peach Glen-Idaville Rd and Reservoir Rd as the fire spread.  Tanker 6 assisted with water supply, Engine 6-2 staged and sent its crew to assist with manpower, and 6A staged in the area.  Units returned at 1751.



5/10/11 - For the second time in as many days, Service 6 and Spill 41-2 were dispatched for a mutual aid hazmat incident, this time in box 33-13.  The spill unit assisted Co. 33 (United) with control of a large diesel fuel spill in a parking lot. 

Photos of this incident can be found at 911 Photography



5/9/11 - Service 6 and Spill 41-2 were dispatched at 1657 to assist Co. 1(Gettysburg) with spill control in box 1-4 at the scene of a previous auto accident.  The spill unit controlled spills of motor oil and hydraulic fluid from a dump truck involved in the accident, and S6 and S41-2 returned to service at 1936.




5/5/11 - Tanker 6 responded to Cumberland County for an odor of something burning in a house on Pine School Rd in box 236-01.  Tanker 6 arrived on scene at 0527 and staged until released by command.


5/2/11 - Co. 6 was dispatched at 1923 hours for a vehicle accident in the intersection of Biglerville Rd and Rake Factory Rd in box 6-5.  Units arrived and found 2 vehicles involved in a head on collision, with no injuries to the occupants.  Crews controlled hazards from the vehicles and returned to service at 2003.




4/28/11 -  More heavy storms rolled across the area early Thursday morning, bringing heavy rains and winds and severe storm and tornado warnings.  Co. 6 was dispatched at 0602 for a water rescue at 94 E York St.  While units went enroute, Adams advised that the occupants in the apartments at the old Station 6 had called and requested to be evacuated from the building due to rising water.  Engine 6-2's crew made their way inside and conversed with the occupants, who decided to stay in their residences due to the water receding.  Co. 6 units returned to service, and not much later, Co. 6 was dispatched for a water rescue at 545 Center Mills Rd.  Engine 6-2 and 6A responded and Adams advised that there was a vehicle stuck in high water, and that it was beginning to float in the water.  Units arrived and the engine drove to the vehicle and the crew assisted the occupant into the cab, and brought her out to 6A for evaluation.  6A then took the driver to Co. 6 while she waited to be picked up by a relative.  Co. 6 also pumped out multiple basements due to flood waters.




4/22/11 -  Co. 6 was dispatched at 0805 for a vehicle accident at the intersection of E York St and Fifth St in Biglerville Boro.  6A arrived to find an SUV v.s. tractor trailer head-on, and both drivers out of their vehicles and on the sidewalk.  Chief 6 (Smith) arrived soon after this, and took command.  Engine 6-2 responded due to Rescue 6 being out of service for maintenance, and controlled hazards from the vehicles while 6A's crew evaluated the drivers of the vehicles. 





4/18/11 -  In another storm-related incident, Co. 6 was requested to go to OC Rice on N Main St and assist with cleaning mud out of the basement which collected there due to the flooding of the previous days.  Engine 6-1 and Service 6 went to the scene, and used forestry hose to clean up the mess.

(Photos by FF Little)




4/17/11 -  Co.7 was dispatched just before 1900 for a basement collapse at 109 Park St in Bendersville Boro.  Chief 7 arrived and also requested Rescue 6 and the collapse team from Cumberland County (Team 500).  Rescue 6 arrived and staged on the scene waiting for the arrival of the Cumberland units.  Upon the arrival of Cumberland County Rescue 45(Carlisle) and Franklin County Squad 15(West End/Shippensburg), it was determined that Rescue 6's manpower would not be needed, and R6 returned to service.  These units also placed the remainder of Team 500 in service.  6A staged on the scene until the operation was completed, and then returned to service.

For more information on Team 500, click here


(Additional photos in slideshow)



4/16-17 -  As heavy storms rolled across Adams county, creeks and streams rose rapidly due to heavy rains, and flash flooding closed many roads.  Co. 6 personnel were kept busy all Saturday night and into Sunday morning with pump details and water rescues, running 39 incidents in this time period with 22 personnel staffing 5 apparatus.  At one point, the crews ran 3 back-to-back water rescue calls at the intersection of Old Carlisle Rd and Center Mills Rd in box 6-8.  6A, Engine 6-2 and Rescue 6 responded from the scene of a vehicle in water in Co. 5's area to the first of these incidents, and requested Engine 7-1 to also respond to access the incident from the north side.  As units cleared this incident, County advised that they had reports of 3 people in the water calling for help a little farther down Center Mills Rd.  FF Englebert then went on the scene there reporting 2 people hanging on to a tree in fast moving water.  E6-2, R6 and E7-1 responded from the previous incident, and additional resources were requested, bringing 6A, 6A1, 7A, 9A, Medic 28, Boat 11(East Berlin), Cumberland County Boat 45(Carlisle), York County Boat 18(Jacobus), Tower 5 and Engine 5-1.  Engine 7-1 and Engine 6-2 arrived and began to prepare to rescue the individuals, while Rescue 6 arrived and also began preparations.  Co. 6 & 7 personnel worked together throwing a PFD on a rope to the individuals and pulling them out of the water one at a time, and the individuals were then transported to the hospital.  A rescue attempt was made by Boat 11, but the current was found to be too strong to safely execute a rescue.  As this incident was cleared and with the water receding, Engine 7-1 advised Rescue 6 of another vehicle stuck due to the road washing away at the intersection of Old Carlisle Rd and Center Mills Rd.  E7-1 stayed with the occupants of the vehicle until the arrival of R6, which then stayed on the scene with the occupants until PSP could arrive to assist them.


4/16/11 -  On a rainy Saturday morning, FF Stallsmith and EMS Lt Day successfully completed the Basic Vehicle Rescue-Operations course held by the Adams County Emergency Services Training Center, with the practical portion being held at Co. 9 (York Springs).

(Photos by Alicia Gould)

(Additional photos in slideshow)




4/6/11 -  Engine 6-2, Tanker 6, Rescue 6 and 6A responded for a reported possible trailer fire in Co. 5's first due.  The ambulance, rescue and tanker were soon released by Command 5 as the fire was found to be in a dryer vent.  Engine 6-2 was requested to stay on the scene and assist Engine 5-1 with repacking their handline.  E6-2 returned to service soon after.




4/3/11 -  Company 6 was dispatched at 0110 for a vehicle over the embankment at 318 Guernsey Rd.  Chief 6 (Smith), followed by EMS Lt 6 (Day) arrived on the scene and found a pickup truck over the embankment next to the railroad tracks on Quaker Run Rd in the area of Guernsey.  Upon the Chief's arrival, the driver of the vehicle was still in the vehicle, but then exited the vehicle, and soon after this the driver fled the scene to a nearby residence.  Co. 6 units (Rescue 6, Engine 6-2 and 6A) arrived and staged on the scene, waiting for PA State Police.  There were no hazards from the vehicle, and the driver was uninjured and soon found and taken by PSP Troopers.  Co. 6 cleared the scene at 0143.



3/25/11 -  Rescue 6 was dispatched at 0257 to Gettysburg Boro to assist Co. 1 with a CO alarm at 240 W High St.  The rescue responded with 4, and arrived and assisted with monitoring one of the apartments affected.  Rescue 6 returned at 0326.


At 1829 hours, Co. 6 and Tower 5 (Arendtsville) were dispatched for a chimney fire at 1330 Goldenville Rd.  Crews arrived and found the chimney to be clogged, and Engine 6-2 monitored the 2nd floor of the structure with the TIC while the crew of Tower 5 worked to clear the clog, with the crew of Rescue 6 dismantling the fireplace on the 1st floor and performing salvage operations.  Crews cleared the scene at 1932.




3/24/11 -  Rescue 6 was dispatched around 0530 to box 11-4 as RIT for a structure fire with entrapment.  The rescue responded with 4, and upon arrival was instructed by command to set up for RIT operations in front of the structure.  Shortly after getting set up, a mayday was called as part of the wall collapsed on 2 firefighters, and the RIT team was activated.  The 2 firefighters both were able to self-extricate themselves and were uninjured.  After this, the RIT team conducted another walk-around of the building to ensure that nobody else was injured or trapped, and then returned to RIT staging and stood by while the fire was extinguished.  Later on in the incident, it was determined that this incident actually was in York County, but was still in Co. 11's first due.  Unfortunately, this fire claimed the lives of 2 occupants, as well as 2 dogs.  Co.6 personnel also assisted with the search for and removal of the victims, and once operations ceased, the RIT team was deactivated and Rescue 6 returned to service.




3/15/11 -  Co. 6 was dispatched just before midnight for a vehicle accident with injuries in the area of 12 E Hanover St in Biglerville Boro.  Captain 6(Redden) arrived on scene first, followed by Chief 6(Smith), and they found a car vs tractor trailer with one minor injury.  Rescue 6 initially arrived on scene, but was soon returned to the station and Engine 6-2 was brought to the scene to wash debris off the roadway. Units soon cleared the scene and the vehicles were removed from the road.


2/25/11 -  Rescue 6 was dispatched as part of the assignment for a vehicle accident in box 7-6.  Because the rescue was having work done to its radios at the time, Engine 6-2 responded instead.  Upon arrival, E6-2 found Assistant 7 (Cramer) on the scene, advising no injuries.  Asst 7 then held the box to Engine 6-2 and placed all others in service.  The engine crew checked for hazards on both vehicles, and the engine cleared the scene.



2/23/11 -  Tanker 6 and Engine 6-2 were dispatched as part of the first alarm for a gas tank on fire next to a house in box 1-5.  Both units arrived on scene and staged until placed in service by Command 1.


2010 Appreciation Banquet

2/19/11 -  The Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. #1 held its annual appreciation banquet on February 19, 2011.  A great meal was enjoyed, followed by yearly reports by the Fire Chief, EMS Captain, and Ladies' Auxiliary.  Awards followed this, and then a special presentation to the family of Phil Asper, followed by a video presentation highlighting the company's activity in 2010.  Then a night of music and fun followed into the early morning hours.  Special thanks to our transfer crews:

Engine: Vigilant Hose Co. (Emmittsburg, MD)

Rescue & Tanker: Franklin Fire Co. (Chambersburg)

Ambulance: SAVES (Co. 29)




2/17/11 -  Around lunch time, ambulance 6A was dispatched for a class 2 fall victim in the boro.  It was soon determined by the ambulance crew that a medic was needed, bringing Medic 28, and shortly after this, airmedical was requested.  Engine 6-2 assisted with the landing zone, landing Life Lion in the parking lot of Co. 6.  After the patient was taken by the helicopter, all units returned to service.


2/16/11 -  Co. 6, 7 (Bendersville) and 9 (York Springs) had a joint training night for apparatus familiarization held at Co. 7.  Rescue 6 and a crew participated.




2/15/11 -  For February's monthly company training night, members went over extricating patients from vehicles, and using rescue struts.






2/9/11 -  In the late morning, Co. 6 received a phone call from the boro office asking for assistance with flushing a clogged sewer line.  Tanker 6 and Service 6 assisted boro personnel and plumbers on the scene, using approx. 1700 gallons of water to assist in flushing the sewer line running through the parking lot of the St Paul's Lutheran Church. 




2/8/11 -  Tanker 6 was alerted as part of the first alarm assignment for a barn fire in box 4-3.  Engine 6-2 also responded off the box to assist with manpower, and ended up hitting the pond at the Knouse Foods Orrtanna plant for a fill site.  Upon arrival, the engine crew used a chainsaw to cut a hole in the ice on top of the pond to be able to secure a water source.  Tanker 6 hauled numerous loads of water, and Engine 6-2 filled tankers while units at the scene brought the fire under control and conducted extensive mop-up operations.




2/5/11 -  In the early morning hours, Co. 6 was alerted for a vehicle accident with unknown injuries.  Chief 6 arrived and found 1 vehicle down an embankment in trees, and assisted the driver to his vehicle.  The chief advised incoming units to exercise caution due to icy conditions on the roadway.  6A arrived and treated and transported the patient, and the box was placed in service.  Units were called out 2 hours later for the same incident.


Not long after the crash, Tanker 6 was alerted as part of the first alarm for a smell of something burning in a house in Co. 27's (Buchanan Valley) first due.  Tanker 6 was placed in service prior to arriving on the scene.



Chief 6 requested Service 6 a little before lunch time to assist him with hi-dry behind a residence on Main St in Biglerville Boro.  Rescue 6 responded in place of the service truck, and arrived on the scene to find oil spilled in the snow underneath a minivan.  Absorbent was put down to soak up the oil, and Rescue 6 returned to service.



2/1/11-2/2/11 -  With the forecast calling for more inclement weather, including ice, Co. 6 members once again bunked in to assist with getting the apparatus out on calls more quickly and safely.  Tanker 6 responded to a chimney fire in Cumberland County, and personnel worked on installing cabinets in the lounge and bunkroom.




1/26/11 -  With the threat of an overnight snowstorm, a few members of the 6th Cavalry bunked in at the station overnight to assist with getting the trucks out the door more quickly.  Personnel equipped "Lawn Mower 6" with the snow plow, and worked to keep the apron in front of the apparatus bays clear of snow, until a passerby stopped and assisted with his pickup truck.  The crew assisted with one public service call, and ambulance 6A responded for an ill person on Shippensburg Rd, but it was an otherwise quiet night.





1/25/11 -  Co. 6 responded with Engine 6-2, Tanker 6 and Rescue 6 to assist Co.1 (Gettysburg) with an appliance fire in a structure in box 1-6.  Engine 6-2 arrived soon after Engine 1-2 and was directed to assist Engine 1-2 inside the building.  Tanker 6 staged behind E6-2, and Rescue 6 staged on the scene briefly before Command 1 held the box to Co 1, and E6-2. 


Later in the evening, the pre-alert sounded again, this time for a gas leak in a residence with a patient in box 25-4-30, the Walnut Grove Mobile Home Park.  Engine 6-2 responded with 4 and followed Engine 9-1 (York Springs) in, and assisted with metering the house.  A strong propane odor was present in the house, and crews discovered that both of the residences propane tanks were empty.  Aero energy was called, and Command 25 held the box to Co. 25 (Heidlersburg), and placed the rest in service.  Rescue 6 also responded on the box.




1/9/11 -  Co. 6 was dispatched in the evening hours to assist Co. 25 (Heidlersburg) on the first alarm for smoke in a house.  Co. 6 responded with Engine 6-1, E6-2, Tanker 6, Rescue 6 and ambulance 6A.  Units arrived and found a light smoke condition, and signs of a chimney fire that had been extinguished by the residents prior to the arrival of fire units.  Units ventilated the structure using fans, and the box was placed in service.







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